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Virtualization consulting services can help save your company from having to pay exuberant power and maintenance expenses. There can also be tremendous cost savings in facility overhead. Company employees can work from the comfort of their home or office, or wherever they may happen to be. And perhaps most importantly, money can be saved by reducing the cost of expensive computers and office equipment.

Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization services are a component to the general virtualization movement within the IT enterprise, which encompasses network virtualization services, desktop virtualization services, cloud computing and more. You may also encounter the term "autonomic computing" when learning about server virtualization services or desktop virtualization services.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization is about to experience a whole new cloud-like world of efficiency. Desktop virtualization simply means running many machines in a datacenter on a hypervisor. A hypervisor is a both a program and a machine that facilitates a myriad of operating systems in utilizing one and the same host.

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